INDUS Tech Expo

INDUS-tech EXPO is most renowned Machine Tools and Automation Exhibition . INDUS-tech EXPO exhibited itself to be among care of the most thorough and extended occasions with top notch offices for PRODUCT DISPLAY . It is the best stage to present and send off new advancements in market . INDUS-tech EXPO is the best distinguishable place of new advancements . Throughout the long term , INDUS-tech EXPO has been one of the great supporters of the improvement of the Machine Tools enterprises and Automation innovation , empowering its exhibitors and guests with bleeding edge and power sunlight based innovation that represents designing greatness , advancement , quality and dependability. the grandstand at INDUS-tech give a platform for new suggestions , items and administrations a helpful climate for fashioning joint endeavor , coordinated efforts and open commercial center to source ideal arrangements with 40,000 guests and recipients and with a show region spread over 1,65,000 sq. ft. furthermore, an assurance of over 450+ members..

Why Participate ?

It gives you the perfect opportunity to find out what your existing customers, as well as potential customers, think about your products or services. Here are some benefits of participation in INDUS-tech Expo
Face to Face cooperation with clients and can offer live demo of your items
Get Instant Client's Feedback on your items/administrations.
Keeps you in the cutting edge of your Business Category.
Raise your Brand Awareness.
Further develops brand building..
Opportunity to get Hot Leads and Close arrangements without any problem.
You can investigate your opposition intently.
Opportunities to make new colleagues.
Tremendous guests Attendance that are keen on your items/administrations
Helps in Networking with you Industry peers.